Why Use GreenSky®  Financing?

Closing Deals Has Never Been Easier

Close more deals, win larger contracts, and get paid faster with GreenSky’s revolutionary consumer financing platform. Our broad range of payment plans, high approval rates and credit limits get you to “yes” with more of your customers.

GreenSky vs. the Competition

GreenSky Logo Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3
GreenSky Logo vs. Competitor 1 GreenSky Logo vs. Competitor 2 GreenSky Logo vs. Competitor 3
Close More Deals
Credit Limit1 $55,000 $30,000 $55,000 $25,000
Mobile App
Deferred Interest and No Payments2
Get Paid Faster Staged – 20% Upfront Payment Upon Completion Payment Upon Completion to Most Partners Payment Upon Completion
No Enrollment Fee
Borrower Use of Funds Merchant Only Anywhere Merchant Only Anywhere
Experience Simplicity3
Paperless Process
No Requirement to Provide Certificate of Completion for Funding
No Requirement to Provide Sales Contract for Funding
Accurate as of June 12, 2017 based on information published at competitor webpages.

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