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Our Powered By GreenSky Platforms offer a range of integration types that can be used to leverage your existing platform and branding. From completely self-serve to full customization with our dedicated professional services group, GreenSky is ready to help!

Integrated Solutions

Empowering Merchant Growth and Ensuring Brand Value

Merchant Kit

The fastest and simplest integration with existing websites

  • Leverages our out-of-the-box online credit application
  • Generated from easy to use tools
  • Ideal for partners needing to start immediately
  • Requires very little development time and expertise
  • Ensures security and legal compliance

Storefront Plugins

Seamless integration of financing into existing ecommerce platforms

  • Simple integration
  • User experience defined by storefront
  • Leverages existing storefront experience and expertise
  • Leverages existing storefront platform to track and manage customers
  • Ideal for existing storefront
  • Ensures standards compliance

Modal JavaScript SDK

Integrate with websites and mobile devices

  • Easy to integrate
  • Shopping cart and personalization integration
  • Custom branded experience
  • Ensures standards compliance
  • Ideal for existing web presence
  • No need to host PCI data


Fully customized solutions requiring server to server interactions

  • Fully custom solution
  • Full integration with third parties
  • Built and hardened with experienced dedicated personnel
  • Compliance and security testing ensures complete compliance
  • Ideal for partners with complex integration requirements and needs
  • Ensures standards compliance

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