Patient holding phone with GreenSky healthcare financing app Patient holding phone with GreenSky healthcare financing app

Comparing the benefits of GreenSky to other financing solutions?

It's about time.

As the demand for patient financing continues to increase, healthcare providers are faced with a wide range of options and alternatives. However, the time involved in completing applications and waiting for approvals can slow down a practice’s overall operation and interfere with other important office staff activities. There is one exception: GreenSky® Patient Solutions.

GreenSky’s® proprietary technology enables the entire financing process to be completed easier and in a fraction of the time it takes with any other provider. And, shorter waiting times mean more time that can be spent productively. It also means more satisfied patients. In addition, GreenSky® also offers a host of other benefits, including significant cost savings and the highest quality support in the industry.

Taking Patient Financing Out Of The Waiting Room