Consumer Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answer you’re looking for here. If not, call our customer service at 1-866-936-0602 and we’ll be glad to help out.
I got an email from GreenSky® asking for my personal information. Should I provide the information?
The GreenSky® program never sends emails requesting account information, customer passwords or log in credentials. Protect your personal information and never click on unsolicited web links provided in an email or other correspondence. If you are unsure about an email you receive, you can contact us at 866-936-0602.
Where can I find information about my previous payments and my current balance?

By enrolling in our online account management program here, you can make payments and view other details about your account.

Can I make a same-day payment online?
Payments can be made online here.
Can I schedule an online payment for a future date?
Make sure you never miss a payment by enrolling in our online account management program here, and setting up recurring payments.


How will I know my loan amount, APR and payment information?
If you are approved for a GreenSky® program loan, we will mail your loan agreement to you.  Your loan agreement includes all information about your loan, including the bank lending you the program funds and the federal Truth in Lending disclosure.  If you would like, we can also provide those disclosures electronically by clicking here.  You can call 866-936-0602 with any questions you have about your loan or payment.
How do I pay my merchant for services?

Immediately after loan approval, we will make your 16-digit account number, expiration date and security code available.  When you are ready to pay your merchant, provide your account information and the amount you authorize to charge on this account. Your account number will also be on the loan package we send to you.


Is there a fee to pay online or by phone?

No. We do not believe customers should be penalized for making payments.

Is there a prepayment fee?


Is there a late payment penalty?

Yes. Late fees are dictated by the State law governing your lender. Your Loan Agreement provides information about the late fees applicable to your loan. To access your Agreement, please  click here.